How to see available functions


Hello Everyone,

I’m a beginning programmer and I recently switched from IDLE to Atom for my python-projects. I like it, but I miss the option to see the available functions for the used type like in IDLE (for example: if you have a list called “list”, you just had to type: list. and if pressed tab you’d see the functions that are available for lists.)

Is there any similar way like this in Atom?

Kind regards,
Jay Aberlour


The problem is that currently Atom has no awareness of code languages. When you write Python in IDLE, it reads your code and makes suggestions based on that. In order for Atom to do the same thing, you need to install external packages, like autocomplete-python. With that package installed and using Jedi, this is what you’ll see:


Thank you DS. I tried your suggestion and it worked. This will really short my codingtime.

But one more thing,

Are you sure? When I start a project, I always need to specify my code-language or atom won’t even recognise my code.


I don’t understand your question, because the sentence after that confirms what I just said. Atom doesn’t know anything about code languages (it will be getting smarter in the future, as projects like atom-ide and tree-sitter get implemented). When you save a file or set the grammar on a file, Atom looks into its database of grammars to match, and then it runs through the file and makes all of the appropriate highlights. At no point does Atom have to understand anything about the language. That functionality is provided by community packages. With autocomplete-python, your code gets run through the external software Jedi which can understand that data = [] means that data now has methods like append(). Jedi makes a list of predictions and the autocomplete-plus package aggregates and displays all the predictions for the current cursor location.