How to Search and Copy results from atom


I have a huge text file, I am trying to do a regex search which is working as expected.
Now i want to copy the search results. Is there a native way to do this?
for example, say in an html file, if i searched for urls, i want to copy the results to a separate file or tab.



Once you’ve executed a find you can press Alt+Enter to select all of the results in the file. From there you can copy them all to paste wherever you like.


That worked!

Thank you :slight_smile:


Hi there, I am trying hard to get this work here as well, but it seems like once I see all the search results Alt+Enter doesnt’t effect anything. Is there an other way to do this or am I doing something wrong?


On macOS, I am seeing the Alt+Enter (Option+Enter on macOS) keyboard shortcut seems to indeed select the results of a Find operation, but clicking the “Find All” button doesn’t do the same thing. That seems wrong.

Clicking the “Find All” button highlights the Find field, despite the keyboard shortcut popup displaying the Alt/Option+Enter shortcut.

Shouldn’t both commands have the same result?


This plugin work dandy,