How to search a file but only belonging to the current project?


When I do Ctrl + P Atom seems to search the files of ALL my open projects, from top to bottom.

How to make Atom only search the files of the project I’m currently in?


You probably shouldn’t have more than one project open in an Atom window at any given time. Atom thinks of all the folders in the tree view as being one project. If you have a bunch of disparate folders, you run the risk of losing unsaved data because Atom stores your state information based on that whole list of paths. You should try a package like project-viewer to keep all of those projects organized.


I see. But this way I have to click Add Repository every time I work in another repository.


My Atom doesn’t have any menu item called “Add Repository”. Please provide some more details.


Sorry I meant “Add project”.


With a project management package like project-viewer, you don’t have to manually add and delete folders. You can just select the project you want and jump straight to it (plus getting back your open tabs).


Thanks, I’ll try project-viewer.