How to scroll to cursor position in embedded texteditorview


I have a ScrollView which contains a TextEditorView as a subview, as follows:

@content: ->
  # ...
  @subview 'editorView', new TextEditorView

I want to have the view scroll to the cursor position when the cursor within the texteditorview goes off the edge of the scrollview. I have tried subscribing to the onDidChangeCursorBufferPosition of the texteditorview, as follows:

@editorView.getModel().onDidChangeCursorBufferPosition() (cursorEvent) =>
  # ...
  atom.workspaceView.trigger 'editor:scroll-to-cursor' # doesn't work
  @editorView.getModel().scrollToCursorPosition() # doesn't work
  @editorView.element.scrollToCursorPosition() # undefined

Since calling 'editor:scroll-to-cursor' manually from the command palette does what I want, I thought this would work, even if it is a bit of a hack. Didn’t scroll, and neither did the TextEditor class’s scrollToCursorPosition. I grepped through the source and found in  'editor:scroll-to-cursor': -> @scrollToCursorPosition()

But as shown, the text editor element does not appear to have a scrollToCursorPosition() method defined.

What is next? How might I get the cursor to stay in view in the scrollview? I’m somewhat stumped. code here, if interested.


Scrolling the text editor in bottom pane and getting line height

I’m running into a similar problem. I create an atom-text-editor element like this:

class MyView
  constructor: ->
    @item = document.createElement 'div'
    editorView = document.createElement 'atom-text-editor'
    @item.appendChild editorView
    @editor = editorView.getModel()

  someMethod: ->

and then put the MyView instance in a bottom panel, but the editor just won’t scroll, no matter what I try. I found out that the .editor-contents--private element somehow gets its height set to something greater than the height of the editor, might be related. You can find the code I use here.



Ok I was able to solve this. The problem was indeed that .editor-contents--private's height messed things up. But when I call @editor.displayBuffer.setHeight(editorView.clientHeight), the height gets the correct value, and programmatically scrolling works again :smiley:. I’ll post an issue about this over at the atom repo.



My previous solution still failed sometimes. I just found a solution that works always: set position: absolute; on the atom-text-editor element. Under the hood, Atom handles the text editor height differently when it is absolutely positioned.

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