How to scroll entire editing view up or down


When I’m typing in a window and my cursor nears the bottom of the screen, I would like to scroll up the entire view so that my cursor appears closer to the top. I could do this by hunting for the mouse and then trying to click on the scroll bars, but I want to do that from the keyboard.

I’m used to editors (e.g. Eclipse, Notepad++, Komodo… frankly every text editor I can remember using in the past couple of decades) that map this functionality to Ctrl+Up and Ctrl+Down. But as you probably know Atom maps line transposition to these keys. You can imagine my frustration when I try to scroll the viewport and Atom changes the order of my lines!

Where is the scroll-up and scroll-down actions? What keys are mapped to that functionality to by default, and how can I remap the keys?


There is a package for this called something like ctrl-dir. You’ll have to search for it on It is a standard only on windows.


Oh, my—this is brilliant! Thank you, sir!

It is beyond me why Atom seems to hate Windows users and assume everyone wants to use a TTY-based text editor. This functionality should be part of the standard distribution by default. And I should be able to access my menus on Windows without mucking with key bindings. But I digress…

Thank you so much, @mark_hahn.


Atom was originally mac-only. Windows support came late. It is technically now totally compatible but as you found the default stuff is still mac and the documentation is mac-centric. This is being improved and Atom welcomes people helping them improve the docs.

The default key-bindings probably won’t change because many developers have moved to macs. I even saw a microsoft demo from a microsoft employee who was using a mac.

It would be nice if there was a settings option to choose default mac or windows key-bindings.


No, when I mentioned menu access on Windows I was talking about . Atom assumes you want to use Emacs (nothing to do with Mac) bindings. Maybe some people do, but that assumption shouldn’t be so pervasive that it overrides the conventional menu access for Windows out of the box!

This is completely uncalled for. By default there should be no Emacs bindings, but you could install a plugin if you want them. The way it is now, out of the box it forces Emacs bindings on you which prevents you from accessing the menu system on Windows, and makes you mess with key bindings just so the menus start working again! Crazy. At least it drives me crazy.


There is a package for this called something like ctrl-dir.

For others looking for it: ctrl-dir-scroll.


I’m not sure where you came up with this idea. If Atom was assuming you wanted to use Emacs keybindings, then Ctrl+A would take you to the beginning of the line instead of selecting all.

Have you considered submitting a Pull Request?


I just read this bug:

Now you know where I came up with this idea. I know nothing about emacs. I just know that I want to access my menus on Windows.


It’s important to note that Atom welcomes people improving more than just the docs. If something doesn’t work right, help us fix it! The Atom team is small and sometimes all we have time for is to try to keep up with the deluge of Issues and complaints.