How to run the command?


Hi, I’ve recently gotten Atom for a javascript project, and it works very well. but I need to be able to know how to run the script. Please get back to me when you can. Thanks! :grinning:


Depending on what you need, there are a few different packages that might suit. You might find that they’re all useful to you. To press a button and run the active file as a script, the script and atom-runner packages are easy and straightforward, but they don’t (as of my latest knowledge) have the ability to prompt the user for input. The traditional way to run a script is on the command line, and packages like termination, terminal-tab, and script-runner take the tactic of opening up a virtual command line. More modern development environments like to have rapid prototyping, and for that purpose the hydrogen package excels (it can be configured for multiple languages). If you have a script that you use on a regular basis, process-palette is there for you; you can customize the whole environment and output and bind it to a flex-tool-bar button or whatever you like.

Atom gives you a lot of power and choice, but fully using that power requires that you be unafraid of learning new things.


Thank you!