How to run Macaulay2 on atom

I installed Macaulay2 using the ubuntu subsystem in windows 10. I want to work with Macaualy2 in atom but for some reason it does not work. Question: How do I work with/run Macaulay2 using the atom editor?

I have not used Windows 10 WSL for months. Why did you opt for the Ubuntu download of Macaulay2 instead of the Windows 10 download? This is just a guess since I do not use WSL currently but you might need to setup WSL for GUI usage.

You could also install and run Ubuntu in a separate USB drive. i have a dualboot setup sharing the same disk between Windows 10 and Ubuntu in a different partition. But this is now not advisable since Windows 10 upgrades are reported to disrupt neighbouring Linux ext4 partitions (they are regarded as alien by Windows). This is one reason why I do not boot up Windows 10 which is gathering dust. Of course WSL usage is ok since it is in Windows 10 environment.

Another option is to try Wolfram Engine.

Macaulay2 is not available for windows 10, which is why I had to install it through the ubuntu subsystem in windows. I want to use atom as my editor for Macaulay2 but I’m not sure how to do that.

The syntax highlighting for Atom can be done through the add-on:

The official documentation of Macaulay2 is not very beginner friendly.
I did not see mention of how a file is invoked for execution.

Best to ask your question at the github project (follow the above link).
Better yet to ask people in the know!forum/macaulay2

See if you can get an idea what commands are given in the terminal to execute your M2 script. With this knowledge @d_l can construct an idea for you using process-pallet package.

I see. Perhaps if you follow the tips and tricks at this site you might integrate with Atom.

[P.S.] Here is another thought for integration.
Install Atom editor (Windows or Ubuntu doesn’t matter).
In Atom install r-box and other R packages.
This allows Atom session to access macaulay2 via R.

Thanks I will try that and see if it works

Click through on the above link for some examples …

thanks. Does all of Macaulay2 exist in R or only a part of it?

I don’t know. I am writing in generality. You would need to consult the R forum such as r-bloggers.

[P.S.] Diving into the link you find more here …

Macaulay2 interface for R

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