How to run F#


I would like to run F# code in Atom. I have downloaded the Ionide Package, but I don’t know what to do next. Downloading the package seems to have affected nothing. Is there a keyboard command that runs the F# code, or starts the Ionide Package? For example, to run Python, I just press Command r.


This would be a question to ask of the Ionide developers over at the GitHub repo. There’s not a whole lot of documentation about how it’s supposed to work.

atom-runner can handle F#, though. Just point it at the command.


Thank you, I will try the atom-runner. What does it mean to “point it at the command”?


Do you have F# installed?


Yes, I have installed F#


Research indicates that the command for running F# scripts is fsi. So in config.cson, you would want to put

      'fs': 'fsi'
      'fsi': 'fsi'
      'fsx': 'fsi'
      'fsscript': 'fsi'
      'ml': 'fsi'
      'mli': 'fsi'

F# has a lot of extensions and I don’t know which ones are needed, so that’s all of them.


Is config.cson somewhere in the settings on Atom?


See the Atom Flight Manual for information on the config.cson and other ways of configuring Atom:


Okay, thank you very much for your help!