How to Run Electron Desktop App in Web Browser without downloading


hii,since i am new to this , i just want to know that i have an app that appears after using “electron” and “atom” as text editor. And i did not get you by mean a “normal app” ?


A web app that lives on the web, as opposed to a web app that lives in Electron. Electron is just a way to run a web app on a desktop computer. Trying to put Electron “in the cloud” completely defeats the purpose of what Electron does.


thanks, so is there any way to put it in cloud??


Put what in the cloud?


i mean the web app which is based on “electron” , is there any way to host in cloud?? if , no then how can i build the app that can be hosted in cloud ?


and what is normal web app??


No, for the reasons I stated above. The answer isn’t going to change just because you ask the same question again.

if , no then how can i build the app that can be hosted in cloud ?

Write an HTML file and a JavaScript file, put them on a server, and point a browser at it.

It’s a piece of software written in JavaScript and running in the browser. If you don’t know what a web app is, you should probably start by learning about that, first.


hi, plz suggest me the websites or online courses(if courses are free then its good ) where i can learn “cloud-computing” in detail !!


You may want to ask people who speak your language for resources in that language. You will learn it more easily if you don’t have to translate the text.


If we write a html render will it use default web browser or it will use it own


Dear Friend,
I have a simple electron based desktop app,
I want to use it as a web app.
In other words I want you to help me know how to convert an electron based desktop app to a web app.


Unless you also provide your code, there is no way that I or anyone can give you customized advice. If you start an express server pointing to your index.html file and load it in Chrome, and you don’t have any mandatory requirements on having a main process or a filesystem, you should be able to run it just fine. If you aren’t actually using Node, you don’t need express at all.


Thank you for your reply,

Here is a link to the project:

Please have a look if it is possible to use it as a web app.


Have you tried opening it in your browser?


Yes I did, but the back-end scripts doesn’t work.
It is like a simple html page, no buttons work.


I tried to start an express server pointing to my index.html, but it didn’t work.


If you have any interest in receiving assistance (assuming there’s someone here who can offer it), then you need to provide more information about what you’re doing and how you reached the conclusion that it didn’t work. Just saying what you did communicates nothing about how you attempted to do it.


Can i contact you personally?


You can direct message me on this forum, if you truly can’t share any of the issue in public, but then someone else might be looking for help with the same technique and not find anything useful.