How to Run Electron Desktop App in Web Browser without downloading


I want to create an Electron Desktop App but i want it to host on Cloud Server so user can use my application via Web Browser without actually downloading it.

For example we can use Wordpress Electron Destktop App via web browser also by login into


You misunderstand what Electron is. Electron is just Node, packaged up with part of Chromium so that it can display HTML and compile JavaScript. If you want a web app that does exactly the same things, just write a web app with Node.


You can’t host an Electron app in the cloud. What you can do is write a web app that you host in the cloud, and then create an Electron app that wraps/hosts your web app.


But then how
Wordpress and Slack Messaging is doing it. They have exactly same Web Application as Electron Desktop Application.


Can you guide me how to wrap or host custom web application as Electron Desktop Application.
So my users can use it in both ways either by downloading App or just browsing via Web Application


They wrote a web app and used Electron to display the desktop version. They do not have Electron apps on the web.


Can you guide me how i can do that. So i will write a web app but how to load my web app in Electron as Desktop Version.


Have you taken a look at the Electron documentation? There isn’t stuff specifically about how to convert an existing web application into a desktop application with Electron. It should have a lot of helpful resources for various things. Also, there is the Electron API Demos app that talks about specific techniques that are useful.


I heard read a comment in an article that Browserify can help do that kind of conversion.


browserify is more for a standard browser that doesn’t have require(); since electron has node and therefore has require() no need to browserify.

Just save the app.
download electron into that folder
setup a batch file that says “path/to/electron.exe <webpage.html>” and it will run just like a standard browser. YOu don’t even need a custom main.js as the electron-quick-start app does…
but in any case you could start with the quick-start and change the link loaded there to your saved app

zip the whole thing
post somewhere allow to download.

get fancier - build a NSIS or WMI(?) installer for it.


I came here with a different need. I have a chromebook and a working pc running ubuntu.
I want to run vscode (which is electron-based) via chromebook’s browser on pc.


You should ask the VSCode developers if they’d be willing to make it available as a web app.


Not sure if you’re still looking for such but check out

I think there are other similar sites out there by now too.


Hello - did anyone figure out how to do this? I’m trying to do this (launch full-screen app) with framer. framer doesn’t allow “back” to happen in the browser so by launching full-screen without browser controls I can better control the user experience. thanks in advance


Electron is parts of Chrome with Node packaged together. It’s fairly large and no, you can’t simply load it on someone’s computer without a download process, because no modern operating system or browser will allow random web sites to have that much power. Anything you want to do, you will have to do in the browser.


Is there a way to simply wrap a URL in an electron container so that it can be full screen AND launch it from a browser?


You can give someone a link to download an Electron binary that you have configured to point to a URL. That’s how desktop programs work.


got it! thanks. Not the desaired experience for me though. :frowning:


how to host an “electron” based app, with “Atom” as code editor in cloud ???


You can’t host a desktop application in “the cloud”. What you can do is write a normal web app, since all Electron applications are web apps.