How to run code in atom

is their a way to run code in atom like let’s say I made a Calculator is their a way to use in atom?

If your calculator is written as JavaScript that outputs an HTMLElement, you can add it to a pane and Atom will display it.

my Calculator is written in python

Then you will have to use your calculator using a Python installation that you have installed on your computer. You can’t use it in Atom, but you could launch it from Atom using a package like script or process-palette.

k i try it out

why does it not show the result?

Without seeing your code, I can’t give you an answer.

In general, it’s not a wise idea to look for help with a specific programming language on the forum for an editor tool. The people on here have no reason to be familiar with Python or interested in teaching you how to use Python. A venue like Stack Overflow that’s specifically oriented toward facilitating questions and answers about coding topics would be beneficial, and there’s a question with some good answers that would probably help you.

In this case, it probably is showing the result (assuming you are printing it). However, the window is set to close as soon as the program terminates (likely as soon as the result is printed), so you don’t see it.

There is probably a way to disable the auto close, or simply loop your calculator so it asks for input again.