How to run atom


Hello there. I’ve recently decided to try out Atom. However I cannot seem to find the program. I search my programs at the Windows home screen, but only atom.cmd which I assume is a script for something. Did the application even install?


How did you install it exactly?

If you have used installer you should have desktop icon and you should be able to run in through command line.

You might also check C:\Users\USER_NAME\AppData\Local\atom.


I used the installer. That’s a strange way to run a Windows program since the shell in Windows is bad. Is there any way to customize it to appear on the Start menu?


atom.cmd is not a script for “something”, it’s a script for starting Atom :smile:

The reason for this seemingly strange setup is that Atom’s auto-updater works differently than most and it installs Atom into a version-specific directory. atom.cmd is installed in a directory that is not version-specific, and it knows to start the current version of Atom.

Atom is mentioned in the start menu for me, I hit Win and then I enter “atom” into the search field and then it shows up. But perhaps that only happens after starting it once? I was also able to pin the icon to the task bar, and that icon seems to be updated with every Atom upgrade.