How to run and show output on php on atom on window 7 system operating


how to run and preview php on atom on window 7 system operating to set config or load package for run web developer?
2. I’m very confused for config hostname older editor I’m use editplus config hostname for aparche.
why very difficult to use! Oh My God!
and how to run .php+html+css+javascript+perl and set hostname server on atom ?
and how to set show result on output display on language on php+html+css+javascript+perl and c# java basic ruby pytol?
how to set show output display on complie program?
it 's difficult


None of these features are built-in to Atom. You will need to find add-on packages that do what you want. Check out


What packages show output .php+html+css+javascript+perl on atom


I think most or all of those languages you list are available. Have you tried opening any of those types of files in Atom?


Atom is a text editor, not a web server, nor a web browser. If you want to “run” PHP then please use Apache or a similar product. If you want to “run” the resulting HTML+JS+CSS, use a web browser.