How to Run a Command in Atom



I’m band new to ATOM. I’m trying to disable Convention error messages for Pylint. I found instructions to run either --disable=C or disable=C but I’m unsure where to run this.

I tried ctrl+T and ctrl+P and running both formats of the command but nothing happens.

Thank you!


The commands that you’re trying to execute aren’t Atom commands. You would have to figure out how the package you have installed that is running pylint allows you to configure it. Do you know which package you have installed for pylint?


I’ve installed linter-pylint 1.2.2

Its working fine, just trying to turn off Convention error checking.


This StackOverflow question talks about how to configure pylint itself (which linter-pylint) uses to do its job. You’ll notice that the answer to that question talks about:

or by using a special PyLint configuration file

pylint --rcfile=/path/to/config.file

Which the linter-pylint README also mentions in its Configuration section. You may want to try using the configuration file described there.