How to restore default grammar to "Plain text"?


Hello World!

every time I open a file with a made up extension and atom doesn’t recognize it, Atom set the grammar to JSON instead of “Plain text”.

for example I have these files:

name-1.template (it looks like a shell script)
name-2.template (it looks like a shell script)
name-3.template (it looks like a Dockerfile)

I would like Atom treat them as shell script/dockerfile or at least as plain text.

how can I achive that?



Does this happen with files that don’t have the extension .template? Because that’s one of the registered extensions in language-json. You can override that and tell Atom how to recognize specific file extensions in config.cson.

It doesn’t sound like your default grammar is changed at all.


You were right, I tried another made up extension and Atom opened it as plain text.

how can I remove “template” extension from language-json? I couldn’t come up with a solution from the two links you gave me :frowning:


Add this to your config.cson:

      'text.plain': [


it worked!!! thanks so much for you help! :slight_smile: