How to reset the atom editor to default view

I have been using the atom editor for a week now and i think i messed up the layout. I like to reset the layout to default settings.
Kindly help. Thanks.

  • Close all atom windows
  • Rename ~/.atom to something else or delete it.
  • Restart Atom

All settings and packages are stored in ~/.atom.


Thanks, it works perfect…>!

rm -rf ~/.atom is a bit harsh, and will require you to reinstall all your favorite packages…

In most cases rm ~/.atom/config.cson should do the trick (it leaves the installed packages alone, but it reset any configuration across any package that you have ever done). Another file that you may want to remove may be ~/.atom/, but that is only altered manually, so if you don’t remember editing it by hand, no need to do that.


The Debugging section of the Atom Flight Manual has information on the common steps for resetting Atom at various levels with long descriptions of what the tradeoffs of each is: