How to reset Atom Text Editor


I want to reset my atom text editor Like a new install.I just change many setting for test.I Uninstall and install again but no effect
Muzammil Ijaz


Simply delete the .atom directory.


Ok Thanks.


Please see the Atom Flight Manual, specifically:


The problem with that section of the flying manual is that - I find - it is poorly titled.

The other day I perfectly remembered having seen it on the manual, but I couldn’t find it anywhere. What about a page called “resetting Atom” or something along those lines? :slight_smile:


Any single title is going to be wrong for some number of people. That’s why we have a search box on the Atom Flight Manual. It is currently broken, but it is being worked on and should be fixed soon.


Searching is not an alternative to organising.

I personally find the Atom flight manual very well organised, but the TOC is only 1 level deep (chapters). It would help if you would provide a level more in the TOC (maybe collapsed by default as not to clutter the page) so that the sections which have very salient names (“clearing saved state”, “reset to factory defaults”, etc…) would be accessible without having to navigate to the target page.

Just my 2 ¢ :slight_smile:


This works for me and it is simple. Thanks a lot.