How to remove thees


Hello, i want to ask how i can remove thees underlines ?


You can disable these indent guide lines by disabling the setting mentioned in this FAQ post:

It’s at Settings > Editor > Show Indent Guide.


I wanted to say these blue lines under the header.


Oh sorry my fault! I read your post too quickly - is that blue underline only under “header” or do you see it with other tags?


Didn’t really notice before but it looks like the matching tag is underlined on hover which seems like what you’re seeing - so you’d like to disable this behavior?


I poked around a bit more and see this functionality comes from the bracket-matcher package /cc but there’s no package setting to disable this behavior.

We can use the approach described here to tweak the styles though:

After playing with devtools, I ended up with this bit of CSS that I added to my styles.less file and it seems like it worked:

atom-text-editor .bracket-matcher .region {
  border: none;

Can you give that a try?


It’s worked. Thank you man.