How to remove my account from Discuss


I am trying to find action for remove my account, the email are bother me a lot and even changing the notification config so I can’t find how to remove my account.

Delete my account
Please delete my account
Delete/remove/suppress account -

While I am not sure how to remove your account, I know that if you’re still receiving emails after changing your notification config. You need to un-watch those threads sending you emails.
and Google for how to remove my discourse account.


There isn’t a way to delete a Discourse account once the account has more than 15 posts or any post by that account is older than 60 days old, to my knowledge. This is to preserve the history of the board.

You can turn off the notifications by clicking on your avatar in the upper right and selecting Preferences. Then you can scroll down to the Email section and uncheck all the boxes:


Perhaps you should file a bug report with discourse? I don’t see how or why deleting an account should effect the history of the board. I’ve run forums (phpbb i believe it was) where a user could delete their account and their posts remained. It’s been a few years though.


I can see where it could be a security issue if you are worried about someone hacking your account. Other than that I can see no difference in just turning off email and deleting the account.


So you are telling me I can’t remove the account because of what? Maintain the references? So my email let say will be in your system all the time. Outside if I care or not at this point. Can you explain me the reasons of that? I turned the notifications off and still send me emails.

I am still thinking about I can’t remove my account. I dont like that at all!!


No, I can’t give you a detailed explanation since I didn’t design the system. I know that @codinghorror stops by here from time to time or you can ask on


I was thinking about it the other night and if i recall right it’s mainly because the user info along with all their posts are contained withing the same sql entry. So deleting the user will delete the entry which will delete the posts. Most admins would rather not delete a users post and leave potentially many threads full of holes and nonsensecal comments to posts that no longer exists.


If you really want to remove your personal info from the account, just create a new throwaway email address made of random characters and change the account to use it. Much easier than spending lots of time requesting (and waiting for implementation of) an account deletion feature.


@kohenkatz Good solution, very good, so your suggestion is give up and do the easy solution that you know is not actually the fix


I really dont have problem with leave my account but at the same time I think you should have that outside of my preferences.

What I really want is stop the emails, start bother me a lot and I can’t stop it even when my notifications are off (everything related to email is off)


I dont care if they put my account in inactive, even keeping my email. I understand the problem deleting my account but even I can’t put my account in Inactive mode or something similar.


@codinghorror is there any way to put my account inactive? I don’t want to delete my account, I just want something like Inactive mode where emails or anything related to me dont bother me.


I get no email. You just need to turn off all topics as @leedohm said.


No, my solution is not to give up. My solution is to stop whining about minor details.

If it bothers you so much, maybe you can offer to implement the feature so no one else will find themselves in the same situation.


Er… what? Discourse doesn’t email you as long as you have all the email settings unchecked:

What emails are you getting? If those are all unchecked, we don’t email you at all… I know because I participate on a few Discourse sites where I have those all unchecked and I get zero emails from them.

Also @kohenkatz if he is getting unwanted email (though I don’t understand how…) then that is a legit issue.


My experience was that turning off those settings didn’t help. You also have to turn off all the topics.


Not in my experience as a developer of the software in question … I have those settings all disabled on an extremely busy Discourse instance (where I post occasionally) and I never get any emails about that site.