How to release both x64 and ia32 versions for Windows



I am using Nuts server which serves updates to squirrel auto updater.

I need to release both 32bit and 64bit versions for Windows, however I am not really sure how to name and upload assets to github release.

I have /installers folder with 2 folders /win32-x64 and /win32-ia32 . Both these folders contain RELEASE, setup.exe and nupkg files.

I can rename nupkg and and setup.exe to include the platform so app-x64.nupkg, setup-x64.exe and app-ia32.nupkg, setup-ia32.exe. But what should I do with the RELEASES file?

Thanks for help


Just curious, why cant you just package for 32bit and just let 64 bit users run that version? I’m not using an auto updater like that, so I might be missing something. But I don’t know of any electron feature that works with such great advantage on 64 bit over 32 bit.


yeah,just run the 32bit version,who cares,hhaaaa