How to recover the toolbar ?


By accident, I delete the toolbar in Atom. How to undo it?


What toolbar are you referring to? Is it from a community package you installed e.g. something like this one?

If so, did you disable or uninstall the package?


I haven’t toolbar with… File Edit view selection .ect
I work on the Windows


What happens when you start Atom from the command prompt with atom --safe?

This is not a very clear custom, but in English computing culture, the text-based bar at the top of the page is usually called the “menu bar”, while “toolbars” are the long bars of buttons you find in applications like Microsoft Office (that’s what they were called before they were rebranded as “the ribbon”) or generated by packages like tool-bar.



There is an option to hide the menu bar

To ‘see’ the menu bar again, you can press Tab.
When doing so you can toggle the option again to always be visible.

Alternative option is from the Command Palette (…

Also the option can be found in Settings (…

Does this help you?

- Dan