How to recognize class from HTML in CSS


Is there any way that in CSS recognize class from HTML?
For example, when i made class=“someClass” in HTML, when i start typing .som in CSS then i get suggestion to autocomplite?!
Sorry cause my bad English, i hope u will understand!


According to the Flight Manual, you can go to the Autocomplete-Plus settings (it’s one of the packages that comes built-in) and allow it to search for words from all of your open buffers. From the settings page, it looks like you have to disable the built-in provider to make that work.


Still doesnt work :frowning:


The autocomplete-css package doesn’t pick up on classes that have been inserted into your HTML to my knowledge, it helps with attributes and standard values to attributes (for example solid for border-style). If you have the built-in provider enabled, it will pick up on the names of classes that you have in the current CSS file and may pick up on ones you have in an open HTML file.


Thats my problem, it doesnt pick up from opened HTML file.
For example, i type “.for” in CSS, try to target class=“form-group” from HTML but nothing happen!?


Yep, I wasn’t sure that it would, that’s why I said “may”.


Ok, thank you very much!


This package might help.