How to read the postings one by one?


I have the following workflow. It’s broken, I think I’m overlooking something. But what am I overlooking?

I do g h to see the list of most recently active discussions. I do j to select the first I’m interested in. I hit return to open the discussion. I do j j j ... to read all the comments in that thread. When I’m done, I do g h to return to the list of most recently active discussions. Helpfully, Meta highlights the discussion I just came from. And if I’m quick enough, I can remember which one it was so that I know where to go with j j j ...; so I do that till I get to the next one and then read that with return. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Why does it always start at the top after g h? Is there a way to make j start at the spot I just left off with?

Or is there a way, when looking at a discussion, to open the next one?

Easily browsing this discussion group?

You can use g n to Goto New or g u to Goto Unread instead of using Goto Home to go to the default list, which on this forum is the Latest view.


Hm. Goto New means to show me the topics last created, regardless of the timing of the last comment in it, right? And Goto Unread shows me the topics I’ve participated in. So neither are what I’m looking for… I think.


If you set your preferences so that you automatically track all new topics in the categories in which you’re interested (which for me is all of them), then the Unread view should be what you’re looking for.


Does anyone have an answer for this?


Define “next” in very precise terms?


When viewing one discussion, I’d like to View the next new or unread discussion with only one action. Each view should show the bottom of the thread immediately. I don’t care about the order or categories. I just want to see all that have something I haven’t seen yet.

When viewing github issues in email I can click next and each one shows immediately. I would hope something like this forum, with all its whizzbang features, would allow the same simple viewing.


If you like the email format of just reading each new individual post (not topic) in chronological order, you can turn on “mailing list mode” by going to your Preferences and checking “Receive an email for every new post”:


Thanks, I tried that but I missed all the features of this site. I might try again.


I thought I was clear before, but now after a long time I’m rereading my old question and now I realize I wasn’t that precise after all.

So I do g h to get a list of conversations, then I use j to navigate to the topmost one, then return to open it. (I need j because there are a few pinned ones at the top that I don’t need to read every time.)

After I’m done with that one, I go back g h and then I use j to skip over the pinned ones, plus the one I just read, to get to the one I meant with “next”.

The above description is assuming a new Discourse account with default settings regarding what is shown in g h.


Just to be sure you know, any pinned topic can be unpinned by you and it affects you only … so if there are pinned topics that you won’t be interested in updates for, you can always unpin them. Pinned topics should also pop to the top of Latest when they are updated … so you don’t have to worry about missing updates.


Cool feature!


For anyone wondering about the way to go through topics with one click each, just scroll down to the bottom of the page on each read topic and click on the top highlighted item. I should have known this but I never pay attention to things under the fold.


@mark_hahn I think you are referring to the “Suggested Topics”? Those don’t quite cut it because they are restricted to the current category. For example, right now I’m reading the “meta” category, and all suggested topics are from that category.

Though I admit that it is a nifty trick, and all I need is the j key to reach that spot :smile:


They’re not restricted to the current category, they just strongly prefer the current category:


Thanks @leedohm, I stand corrected.