How to quickly find out which function the current line belongs to


I know you don’t understand what I am asking, here is my question in detail, the language is PHP:
Say there is a method that lasts hundreds of lines and I don’t know the line number of its 1st line. Now through some text-search, I am looking at one of its lines and I want to find out this method’s name and parameters, so I scroll up and up until I realize this is a huge method and start to worry if I have missed the first line.

So is there a way to quickly jump to the function’s definition line?

I am aware that function could be nested in one another, In my case I just want to jump to the farthest ancestor. But if there is a way to navigate the “parents”, like using jquery to navigate HTML nodes’ parents, that would be quite handy. Is this practical? Is there any way to do this?