How to propose a demo/trial version of an electron app?


Dear Electron lovers,

I recently developed a new Electron app: canSnippet ( I would like to propose a demo version of my app, let’s say 15 days of trial. However, I have no clue on how to implement that. I don’t have any server-side code, so I cannot “control” the demo time from the server. Is there a standard way of proposing a demo version of an electron app ?
Thank you very much for your help.



Hi ademcan, did you find answer to your question? I would love to hear any solution you found. It will be a great help or I would be going through same process like you did which is find a way by myself :slight_smile:


Electron was not designed to support proprietary software and is very insecure. If you want a demo version of your app, you need to release two different downloads. If you want a trial where the program shuts down, you’re out of luck (any savvy user could just go into the code and unlock it).


This is the clue …

CanSnippet runs as a service

You might consider building an electron app which runs on a heroku dyno. Create a free heroku nodejs dyno for a demo.

That is the route I am exploring to protect some IP in remote dyno while using the rapid prototyping of electron for desktop presentation. You need to keep some component private.

Note that heroku is not the cheapest priced option for production usage but it allows rapid prototyping.

You need to build an app on the dyno and for the desktop.

Recently searching around I found this article which offers helpful tips. Look at the hybrid solution (part 4).