How to prevent Atom from re-openning a project


I’m in a situation where Atom attempted to open an .mp3 file in the editor and crashed while doing so. Now, every time I try to open that folder in Atom, it tries to open that file again and looks something like this:


None of the other files are available in the tab bar, I can’t open the tree view, and closing the window doesn’t change anything. How can I go about finding where Atom saves project details like which files to auto-open so I can remove this directory and start with a clean slate?


I’m pretty sure that nuking the ~/.atom/storage directory will take care of this. Back it up first just in case I’m a doofus.


Thanks for the help :slight_smile: As it turns out, for whatever reason the next time I tried to open the project, it wasn’t showing me that weird error-ish screen and I didn’t need to remove anything after all!