How to prevent atom from inserting double-accents?


Hi guys,

first of all: I am a really happy user of atom. Thanks for putting this great piece of software out!!

I wonder if there is a “hack” to prevent atom from inserting the “`”-sign TWICE when pressing the key on the keyboard? Maybe even giving it the ability to act like standard INVERTED COMMAs do?

Has anyone done this?


It’s the backet matcher plugin doing that.

You can overide the default either in gui config on per language config.
Maybe use the default list without the backtick (`)


Yeah man you are right!!!

I removed the backtick as you suggested and it works a bit better.

For whatever reason the bracket-matcher is NOT able to treat the “" like a standard "'". I use "” all the time for markdown stuff, so this would be a really cool feature. P.e. marking a word, pressing “" and having the work surrounded by 2x "”, like “word”.

Any ideas how to achieve this?


I’m not sure what is your problem that feature should work with " ' `

(Btw to show a backtick ` on these forum suround it by double backtick quote ``)