How to position a toolbar window in tray area or above doc at bottom

I’m trying to create a toolbar on the Mac (for a screen sharing app) to be at the system tray level or at the very bottom of the app doc (but above it so it can be seen), but it has to stay on top even when other apps go full screen. I tried this below with setAlwaysOnTop and setting y = 0 in bounds, but it’s still below tray:

  toolbarWindow.setAlwaysOnTop(true, 'status');

I can see that I can manually move the window into the tray area with the above line, but it comes back down below the tray as soon as I release the mouse. However, even with that, if an app like Chrome goes full screen, it gets covered, doesn’t stay at the top. I’ve tried setting setAlwaysOnTop to ‘screen-saver’ as well, but same result.

Two issues:

  1. How do I position the window at the tray position?
  2. How do I make it always stay on top even when other apps go full screen?