How to paste columns from a spreadsheet?


Dear all =)

I have a spreadsheet in Google, where I would like to copy 3 columns and paste them into Atom, so each is still aligned.


Cost    Expected Completion date        Title
6       5/16    Permissions issues
0       1/5     Git-as-editor
0       11/4    Reorganize to different tiers of containers
0       11/4    Test accounts
0       11/4    Testing and monitoring
0       11/4    Minimal rebuild in the docker-compose environment
0       11/4    Deployment script

This I made by pasing each column into its own file and then paste 1 2 3 > out.txt.

But can this be done in Atom?

Lots of love,
Jasmine =)


Hmmm, I did some poking around but I didn’t come across a package that will do that type of column pasting. If anyone else has ideas I’d be curious to hear too :v: