How to override syntax higlight (One Dark) in syntax-higlight-theme


How to override rules of syntax higlight in my syntax-higlight-theme? I’m created some style.
For Example:

'fileTypes': [
'foldingStartMarker': '/\\*\\*|\\{\\s*$'
'foldingStopMarker': '\\*\\*/|^\\s*\\}'
'name': 'AutoItv3'
'scopeName': 'source.autoit'
  'match': '(?:\\b(Func|EndFunc)\\b)'
  'name': 'support.type.autoit'

And try to create index.less in my package:

.support.type.autoit {
  color: #98c379 !important;
  font-style: italic;

But it’s didn’t work :pensive: Atom don’t include my less file in text-editor style. What I’m doing wrong?


Are you trying to create a language package? Or a theme? Because they are generally two separate things.


Language package, but I need to specify color varibles, functions etc. in package. Override styles in style.less in .atom default folder, is not correct for me.


As I mentioned in the topic I linked, I don’t agree with including color and style information in a language package. If you want to override the style information, you should either add the code to your styles.less or create an additional style package.