How to open external link in browse?


Hi there,

My package generates HTML in a ScrollView with some links. The links are properly generated (by looking at the HTML) but when I click on them nothing happens. I would really like to open the link in the default browser vs. using an extension like web-view.

Any ideas? Is this normal behaviour or am I doing something wrong?



When I click on a link in a Markdown Preview window, it opens in my default browser. So I would look to see how it is implemented there.


Funny you mention it because I looked at the markdown preview package code many times while writing my package for examples and see how things are done.

However I don’t see anything related to opening links in there that helps me. I honestly haven’t really had time to debug this issue today so I’ll take a more serious look at it tomorrow.


For some reasons it seems that having a link in prevents it from opening. I removed the tags and now it works just fine.

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