How to open a new window?


i want to write a package , click toggle open a new window and show content in the new

and how to reset treeview’s data , now i can just copy the html code , join html to variable


Just to clarify: do you want to open a new window with predefined html content from within your package code, when a toggle command is triggered?


yes, open new , put something in , i want to run application:open window in code

my package need a treeview , i don’t want the old one closed, maybe treeview should become a tab like zend studio, netbeans did …


The atomatigit package opens a pane on the right that’s similar to the treeview on the left. Perhaps that code helps?

The markdown preview package does something similar, too.


Check out html-tab package . It is a template to do exactly this inside a tab item inside Atom.

Search for toolbar in the package list at There are several that have a button to toggle the tree-view.