How to navigate in Settings using keyboard?


How can I navigate within Settings using the keyboard? What shall I press to switch between sections (Settings, Install, etc.) after opening Settings with CTRL+,?


This is the keymaps file for
So it looks like there’s no keyboard navigation other than opening the settings view


It’s a pity. I guess it’s not perceived as a big issue because most people spend most of the time doing the editing, and only when procrastinating do we twiddle the themes and so on. But adding keybindings to settings view would allow us to procrastinate faster!


Looks like there’s actually a PR open for exactly this!

But it hasn’t been looked at since November. :persevere:


Thank you all for the info! So it seems it’s still to be solved. I’d love to help with this, but I never took a look in the sourcecode, perhaps I should. :slight_smile: