How to move between windows?


I usually work with more than one windows and it’s a little bit frustrating to move between windows via top menu.

Is there any shortcut to move between windows?

I am using Mac OS X Yosemite.


Personally I am using Atom on a Macbook Pro, and I use the touchpad gestures to switch between windows, in my case ‘scrolling’ down with 4 fingers on the touchpad lets me see all windows of that particular program, where moving scrolling upwards shows the windows of every app that I have opened.

edit: you got me curious, so I googled around a bit: by default commant + ~ (tilde) will let you switch between windows. Today I learned!


From a reason which I am unable to figure out, CMD + ~ doesn’t work. I am working on it, will edit if I can find a solution.


Check the Keyboard pane in System Preferences. Here’s the shortcut you’re interested in:


I asked the wrong question, I am sorry.

I am not trying to move between files in the same window. I am trying to move between different windows, if that’s possible.

Here’s an example. I want to be able to move between book.php and index.html.

Btw, javascript.css is my sandbox file. I collect some useful snippets that I use in it.


That’s what we are referring to, unless you’ve done something odd then the respective keyboard shortcut should still exist, and the default value is CMD + ` (the same key as ~ on US International).


I modified this one to command-alt-tab because backtick is a deadkey in the US Int’l keyboard layout. Backtick is also a deadkey in a few other keyboard layouts. Of course, I will never know but at least I haven’t encountered any application shortcut that this would interfere with.