How to migrate atom settings to other computer?


From win10 to win10 - how to moove all settings to new computer?


Seriously, why is it too hard for you to google that?
Literally the first result:


Yep. I was google it, seriously
perhaps I have different google - can you paste here result/link?


Search for “atom synchronize settings”


Super unnecessary. Googling doesn’t always provide you with all results for Atom packages, since not all packages use the proper keywords. Maybe something better than sync-packages exists and OP wouldn’t know unless he asked the community. No harm in asking.

As to the op, sync-packages is the best it gets.


I work on Linux.

On Linux, Atom stores all personal data, like the keymap, stylesheet, installed packages, etc.
in your Home directory. The path is ~/.atom . You can simply backup / compress this folder and
extract it on another machine to get all of your personal settings back.

I assume this method works on Windows as well. Look out for the right folder.


The .atom/ folder also contains folders like compile-cache/ which you definitely don’t need to back up, as well as the node_modules/ folders of every package you have installed. Backing up specific files is the most efficient option.