How to mark a package as deprecated?


I’ve came across the following while searching for packages:

How does one mark a package as deprecated? I haven’t seen anything indicating deprecation in the package repository.


Back before Atom reached v1.0, we had a number of APIs that were deprecated in preparation for being removed. Some packages were using those deprecated APIs and needed to be cleaned up. Others were no longer being maintained. We created a deprecated packages system so that people would know when packages hadn’t been updated that is still in place. For example:


So, about a month ago I submitted a pull request that would mark one of my packages as deprecated. Maybe this is nothing that the Atom developers had in mind for packages developers to do, but feedback would’ve been nice (I know, but everybody is busy).


I’ll point it out to the team and see what we can get going :grinning:


Is this still the way to deprecate a package? or is there a way to do it in the package itself?

Is there something like:

  activate() {