How to manage mutiple Websites using Visual Studo Code?


I have all my websites mirrored on my desktop. Each mirror is in its own subdirectory of ~/Websites/Mirrors . Visual Studio Code’s sftp extension is to be used to synchronize the mirrors with the servers. The websites are on different hosting services. I intend to use Visual Studio Code’s ftp feature to update hosting service files with changes to the mirrors.

I have seen this article is about workspaces and global settings for Visual Studio Code:

The question is raised whether it is best for each mirror to have its own workspace, or should all websites be managed in one workspace while using a context for each mirror in one sftp.json file?



You should ask on a forum frequented by people who use Visual Studio Code. This forum is about Atom, a competing code editor, and only a few of us feel the need to use both programs.



Going to lock this since it’s unrelated to Atom.

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