How to make Tree View *not* full height


I’ve been using Atom for a year, however at some point recently I noticed the Tree View taking up the entire height of my screen. Am I imagining things, or has there been an update to Tree View and things are like this now for a reason? Anyways this feels odd and it seems like a waste of space… now there’s a giant swath of an empty area in my bottom left corner of my screen as I rarely have file lists that long.


The Atom window is organized into columns in the HTML, so middle-column items like the central panes, the bottom dock, and bottom panels can’t go outside of the middle column (at least not without some help). You can check this out with ctrl-shift-i to open the developer tools, then looking inside the first atom-workspace-axis element.

If you don’t want all of that empty space, you could put a dock item there. Docks can split down just like pane items can.


mind blown Okkk so the interface is rendered with HTML, interesting! So potentially some css or theme customization could happen?

Thanks for the tips.


Absolutely, but they can only go so far within the API provided. Technically, you can use JavaScript to rewrite any part of the DOM, but the editor is going to be doing that a lot, too, so you’ll want to limit your changes to things that don’t conflict with what Atom wants to do.