How to make sure that proxy authentication dialog appears in BrowserWindow of electron app


Usually browsers understand the WWW-Authenticate:NTLM in reponse of http page and pops up an authentication dialog.
I was creating electron app in which i have to navigate to a url . I used BrowserWindow to open the url but if user is not authenticated it is not poping up the authentication dialog as it does in chrome and chromium browser. Is there any setting in BrowserWindow to enable that


I am working on the same thing and seems i could not find any flag on BrowserWindow or WebContents. Do you have any solution?

btw, what is in my idea currently is to handle event app.on(‘login’) in order to render the prompt dialog from another BrowserWindow with Local HTML that show username/password boxes.

anyone has better idea please?


I’m also facing this problem. Any idea for solving this problem?


I also have this issue. I logged a bug against Electron.

It doesn’t seem that there is any information here either.

There is the function allowNTLMCredentialsForDomains to turn on domains but it seems to do nothing. The page is still blank and no popup is visible. Nor is there a way to pass the credentials.