How to make links clikable on the editor?

I’m struggling to find how to simply open links.

I installed a package named hyperlink-hyperclick, but it doesnt do anything (ctrl+click only multi select). It seems hyperlink-hyperclick needs the package Hyperclick to work, so I installed it too.

But Hyperclick seems to have been incorporated in the package Atom-ide-UI. But since I’m using linter (eslint), I can’t use this last package.

Any idea to simply open a web link by simply clicking on it?

Yes. Install hyperclick (the standalone package). And install the hyperlink provider.

Basically, hyperclick acts as a generic package for click based behaviour, while providers (other packages) tell it rules about what to do on certain files and such.

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Thanks for this information!

It was also complicated because the package hyperlink-hyperclick does not work. I installed click-links instead (with Hyperclick) and it works.

But about Hyperclick I don’t understand what it says:

This package is now a bundled version of the code in atom-ide-ui

Does that mean that there is 2 Hyperclick: one in the package Hyperclick, and another one inside the Atom-ide-UI package?

the package hyperlink-hyperclick does not work

It works for me.

As for the Hyperclick description, I guess so. atom-ide-ui does a bunch of things, so the hyperclick package is there if you only want clicking functionality. I just know they direct issues / PRs to the atom-ide-ui repo page.

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i have face the same issue but after installing hyperclick, and hyperlink provider it works.

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I also would like clickable links, so I can run the code I’m editing on my local server, with query args, for testing.

Can someone please explain how to install the right packages and key bindings to enable this? I’ve read this thread and I guess I don’t understand the basics.

Here is an answer to my own posting:

  1. Select Menu > Packages > Settings View > Install packages/themes. A pane will open.

  2. Enter “link” in Install Packages > Search packages. Large buttons open for various packages.

  3. Click the top button, for package “link”. This installs the package silently.

  4. A README is shown, giving the two pieces of information needed to create a keybinding (association of this new command with a keystroke). Make a note of these strings.

  5. Click on Keybindings, to the left of the Readme. Look through the keybindings to choose a free key.

6, Click Menu > File > Keymap. This displays the CSON code for the keybindings.

  1. Add these two lines:
    'ctrl-h': 'link:open'

Indent the second line (not sure if this is needed). Note: I chose to override Ctrl+h.

  1. Test this new command in an ordinary file. Enter a complete URL, position the cursor in it, and press Ctrl+h. Your default browser should activate, showing the desired URL.

I am also hoping to find a package to open a file pathname at the cursor. Then I can implement projects (lists of URLs and files). It is unfortunate that the interesting functionality offered by packages can only be found at random, instead of the best features being automatically chosen and built into Atom.

This reliance on packages reminds me of TinyMCE, an editor built out of tiny pieces, almost unusable if you don’t have lots of time to spend.

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You can wrap the relevant text in ``` to make it appear verbatim,

like this
To get this

this also prevent smart quotes and other transformations markdown makes to paragraph text.