How to make it run adobe affter efffects scripts


I know that atom can run scripts for after effects right from the editor. I can’t figure out what settings/packages/tweaking I need. I am quite new to programming so i don’t even know what topics to search to figure it out. Any direction would be appreciated.


Can you point us to some documentation on how After Effects scripts work?


After effects scripting language is basically javasccript with some added functions. Its called extendscript. Here is some big documentation on it. The thing is that extendscript editor has a play button, kinda like in visual basic, that runs the script inside after effects. I am not really sure how i can make atom run it. But to search for a connection, what methods/instances/things should i lookup in the documentation?


A cursory inspection turns up nothing, but I’ve also never used that software. I think you should first ask an expert in After Effects if it’s possible to run ExtendScript from outside the program. If they tell you how, then the rest of the equation from Atom’s side is a piece of cake and I can give you half a dozen ways to do it.


Will do that. Thank you for your help.


Hi, is there any update to this discussion?


The closest i got was this package . But it works only on mac OS and i have a windows machine :frowning:


Have you talked to any After Effects experts about whether it can be used from the command line?


I got the answer today on another forum. Apparently it is a command, as you suggested. So for anyone having the same issue:

Install the process-palette package. In the process-palette go to edit>global commands and add a new one. Name it something suggestive. On the shell command line add "C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe After Effects CC 2018\Support Files \afterfx.exe" -r {fileAbsPath} if you are using Windows orosascript -e 'tell application "Adobe After Effects CC 2018" to activate' -e 'tell application "Adobe After Effects CC 2018" to DoScriptFile "{fileAbsPath}"' if you are using Mac. I haven’t tested the Mac version yet. You may have to replace the \ code with the actual character("\").


any updates on this?


The question was resolved. Are you having difficulty replicating the solution?


Im not too familiar with this…


Well, you need to familiarize me with your situation. Where exactly are you having difficulty?


is there any link or a simple instructions in using this?






Delete all the ; from the path. And save the file with the .jsx extension for making sure it will properly run it


still got the same


You are missing so quotes at the start of the path. I see them after afterfx.exe, but not at the start


Great!! tnx.