How to make Git-Plus working on Windows?


This is my first post in Atom Discuss. I am running a Win7, 64bit machine and usually rely on cmd when using Git (v2.7.0.0). Today, I wanted to see how Git-Plus is working out. Unfortunately, it is not working at all and I am sure that I am doing something elementary wrong, but are unable to spot the mistake.

I created a folder with just one test-file and initialized git via cmd. Now, I open the file by Atom and access the Git-Plus Menu. All I can choose is Init (although I have done that). By pushing, I get the error message:
Failed to spawn command git. Make sure git is installed and on your PATH
The error message remains when I explicitly point to the Git directory:
Failed to spawn command C:\Program Files\Git\bin\git.exe. Make sure C:\Program Files\Git\bin\git.exe is installed and on your PATH

I appreciate any hint. Thanks.


Okay, I figured it out.

For anybody who runs in the same problem using Git-Plus for the first time, make sure that the project folder is added to tree-view.