How to make ggc make run package to run plateformio terminal?


What is the platformio terminal command ?
I’ve tried platformio-ide-terminal but it says : can’t find platformio-ide-terminal.

edit: for example to launch build and run in gnome terminal this is the command : gnome-terminal -t $title -x bash -c


platformio-ide-terminal is an Atom package that embeds a terminal window in Atom. It doesn’t have a command that you can access from a terminal window, because it isn’t a separate program.


So it is impossible to do what I ask ?


What are you trying to accomplish?


Make the GCC compiler to build and run in the terminal without having to type in it like with the package I juste have to press F6 and it open gnome-terminal and build and run the code.


Individual packages have no way to know what other packages are capable of. Some of them are designed for cross-compatibility, but if gcc-make-run doesn’t give you the option to run it in a terminal in Atom, then the option doesn’t exist for that package.

script-runner or process-palette might suit your needs better.


Does script-runner handle languages that needs to compile?
Is there a package that can compile and run code within Atom?


Fair. It probably doesn’t, but it could. There’s no difference from Atom’s perspective between a command line stream created by python versus one created by g++ program.cpp && ./program. In both cases, Atom sends a command to the OS shell and then is given a stream of text in response.


I like your thinking.

To make it work one needs to fork the package and customize onto it.
Reason: script-runner listens to the shebang line currently AFAIK.

Building onto platformio-ide-terminal (or clones) would work too,
if customized to handle a shortcut button / UI button to execute the commands.

Does script not compile and run? …there is just no standard input available.


Most of the differences between these packages are in how they handle the UI around the command. Of course, I always think that process-palette is the answer, because it can do just about everything, but not everyone wants to do just about everything.