How to make Eletron to support Lodop?


Hi,I’m a trainee.When i learn Electron,i meet some trouble.The first, how to make Eletron to support Lodop ?The Lodop require the browser version(less than 44.0.2403.89),but the Electron own browser version is 52.0.2743.82.Then,how to let chromium integrated Lodop ?
You may don’t understand this word,because I am Chinese,and my English is not well!So if you have the solution ,please tell me. Thank you!!!


You might have to build it yourself with an older version of Chromium, or wait until Lodop updates. Why does it only support old Chrome?


That probably won’t work since Electron has to adapt to changes in the Chromium API every time a new Chromium version is released. If the OP can only use an old version of Chromium then they’ll have to use whichever ancient Electron release matches that version.


Because i have a plugin which type is NPAPI, but the Google stop support this type sice Chrome 45.


By the way, thank you!!!


OK, thank you!Maybe I should try other way.


If you have something that relies on things in Chrome, it’s not a good idea to try to port it directly to Electron. If you can write JavaScript to replace the dependency, that could work.