How to make Atom wrap text?


Hello all,

Can someone help with one thing;

How can I configure atom (if it’s possible) not to always have to scroll right to see the rest of the code?
For instances, on others programs the text is automatically sized when you adjust the window size, how can I do that on atom?

Thank you all.


Click on the View menu and then Toggle Soft Wrap.

I’ve changed the name of this thread to be more clear.

PS. You should fix line 16.


Thanks DamnedScholar, I’m just starting to learn.
Can you please point me at what I did wrong in line 16?

Thank you.


You put a new line in the middle of your h2 tag. In some cases (depending on the language and the specific syntax), that’s not an issue, but in others it will cause your whole code to malfunction. From your perspective as a user, erratic line structure will make it harder for you to follow your own code.

Since you’re putting longish style attributes on your headers, why don’t you do something like this?

<h2 style="...">

Even better, you can get rid of em by using the CSS property font-weight: bold. Then you don’t have to use the extra tag.


Thanks for the heads up DamnedScholar :sunglasses:, you right it looks more neat and fluid that way.

Thank you.