How to make an update window just like Discord's updater?

Hello everyone!

I have this application/electron program which is already built and functioning as it should, however I want to make an update system for the application itself whenever I push a new update. I’m currently struggling on how to create a small window in electron and upon finishing it’s script execute the main electron app, quite nearly the same as Discord’s updater. Can someone help me or guide me on how to achieve this outcome?

Thank you!

i am going to assume you are using Webpak to build your App. if so, you have to :

  1. Create a new browser window
  2. give it its html template
  3. tell webpack about it (that is specify it as a new entry point in your webpack config)

the last step is where thengs get nasty but if you dig into it you will fin great solutions
recommended to see this: