How to locate broken packages! (Sometimes?)


Hey guys, I have a new strategy for finding broken packages. I’ve wanted to fumble more with the chromium tools earlier, but never got around to it.

In my particular case, I had a very vague error:
Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token u
This was in some index.html:1 (nothing in file… great).


BUT, when I go to the Audits tab, and select ‘Reload Page and Audit on Load’ -> Run

I got the exact line of the offending package… (

Side note: I’ve used recent-projects for a while, and I tried to do apm install recent-packages and reload but wasn’t able to fix it, so disabling it for now).

We can set this on and try to recreate the action. I wonder if this will appropriately handle the majority of cases. Time will tell!

I’m sure a bunch of people have already been doing this!


I’m not familiar with the Audits tab. Where do I find it?


Hey guys, should have mentioned where the audits tab is, it’s a sibling to like elements, network, source etc.