How to load packages in atom after it starts?


How can I load some of the Packages that are not required immediately after atom starts i.e. the ditor’s window opens?

Such as :- zen pigments markdown-preview etc.

I would like these packages to load after atom starts, as they add significant startup time and are not used immediately after startup.


Packages can do that themselves, by adding activationCommands in package.json.


Well HOW??
Do i add that command to every package.json file and what do i add in the property??


No, package authors should do this. You can submit an issue/pull request on the package’s repository if it doesn’t already do so. Any manual changes you make to a package will be overwritten when that package is upgraded.


By the way, even if a package doesn’t use activationCommands it can still defer initialization and loading by using custom code, which the markdown-preview package already does:

This defers the largest parts of the initialization and loading until after you try to open the view.