How to list functions available in a python script


Hello community :grinning: !,

I’m happy to join this community and looking forward to learn from you.

Here’s my question: I have some python script with several functions defined inside. Is there a way to have a panel that would list the functions within a script?

As of now I’m always using ‘Find’ to jump from one function to another.

Is it something available natively in Atom or I’d need to install a package?

Thanks all for your feedback :blush: :blush: :blush:



Though it’s not a separate panel, if all the functions are in the same file, does help your workflow?


The ide-python package, coupled with atom-ide-ui comes with an outline view that includes functions. It might not be exactly what you’re asking for, but it also provides features like hyperclick to take you directly to the definition, autocomplete, function signatures, etc.

To open the outline view (this is provided by atom-ide-ui), run Outline View: Toggle in the command palette.