How to link existing Git repo to GitHub


I couldn’t find any way to link a git repo from my local system to GitHub from within Atom. Is the only way to manually create the Github repo then add the remote?



You can download a package that gives you access to the shell (such as process-palette or termination) and use that to run the command-line instruction from within Atom. I don’t believe Atom has any built-in remote-editing ability. You can also use the API to run a shell command from inside the dev tools, but that’s not an efficient way to get the job done.


Thanks fort he reply; I just load another terminal alongside, that isn’t the problem. I was hoping there is an easy way to set up a new project for users without much dev experience… It’s very simple if project is on GitHub, just clone and away you go. It is going the other way I cannot find a simplified way to do - ie. the project is on my local machine with GIT and I want to link it with GitHub.

On the terminal this is just; create the GitHub repo, then add the remote but that is fairly complex for new users just getting their head around GIT. I was hoping there is a simpler way?


If you want a very newbie-friendly git experience that doesn’t compromise on utility, I recommend GitKraken. You add a remote by moving your mouse over the Remotes tab and clicking on the green + button.